BEHIND THE SCENES: Locals Star on “Reality” TV Show

Ever wonder how (or why) a home buyer on a TV show could choose one house after seeing only three? Ever wonder if they are compensated by the producers? I know I’m not the only person who has watched the shows where a real estate agent shows their buyer just three homes. Then, the buyer chooses their favorite and lives happily ever after (as if it were that easy!). Of course the allure is trying to read their voices and commentary in order to guess which property they’ll choose, but… how real is this “reality”?

Kentucky Select’s own Judy Gordon and Carrie King recently shared their behind-the-scenes experience and they say “reality” isn’t exactly real.
Both are real estate agents here in Louisville and were selected separately for episodes of TLC’s My First Home (see airing dates below). Judy and Carrie explain that the featured home buyers did buy the final home selected and did use Judy and Carrie as their agents. However, the purchases were made months before the show was filmed! So, for the sake of the show, they viewed two houses that were similar to what they originally looked for during their actual home search. Then, they pretended to consider them for purchase. Judy and Carrie also revealed that the producers helped move the families out of their new homes in order to film them viewing their home “for the first time”.
Finally, Judy and Carrie say that neither the agents or the home buyers expected to receive compensation… but fortunately, all the moving was funded by the producers!
On Judy’s episode, she shares her own experience and insight about “life inside 264” with her clients who eventually choose a home of their own “inside 264.”
Watch the full interview: 
Snapshots from Judy’s private viewing party:
Join Judy and support Blessings in A Backpack
Join Carrie and support The Healing Place

A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Hello! My name is Jeremiah Butts and my intent is to use this blog to celebrate the people, businesses, events, and homes that live “inside the Watterson.” There is so much to celebrate in this little pocket of the world! I’m also a Realtor with Kentucky Select Properties happily helping buyers and sellers moving “inside the Watterson,” neighborhoods such as (but not limited to) the Highlands, Crescent Hill, St Matthews, Clifton, Germantown, Nulu, Downtown, Old Louisville, Indian Hills, Clifton Heights, Audubon Park, Rolling Fields, Mockingbird Valley, Seneca Gardens, and Cherokee Gardens.

Search HOMES FOR SALE and OPEN HOUSES inside the Watterson.


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