Story Time at Charmichael’s Kids

(PHOTOS BELOW) One of the newest family-owned stores to open on Bardstown Road is Charmichael’s Kids. Anyone who lives inside the Watterson is already familiar with the original Charmichael’s on Bardstown Rd and its companion on Frankfort Ave, but the newest location is special because it is dedicated to kids.

Previously an antique store, the new location is just a few doors down from its counterpart. After approximately six months of renovation, Charmichael’s Kids now boasts two long walls displaying nearly 3,000 book titles. The other Bardstown location has added their kid’s section to the new address, which allowed for an expanded young adult section (both genres remaining popular and vital to business).
Each Thursday at 11am is a special time here. Parents accompany their infants and toddlers into the store where they are greeted by other parents. One attraction after another steals the attention of the smallest visitors. New friends are made in the sitting-window or at the chalkboard table. Books and toys fill the space on the walls to the brim. Moms and Dads share parenting wisdom by the front door as more folks arrive. Finally, it’s officially story time. Different readers visit from time to time including an occasional author. Today, it hardly seems possible to keep the restless children still and quiet, but story time proves captivating and everyone pulls-off the magic.
Charmichael’s Kids has been open just one month, but the excitement in the air, the looks on everyone’s face, and comments from the kids make it apparent the new location is a hit. One young girl pronounced to her mother as they started to leave, “this bookstore is cool!”
Kelly Estep is the niece of bookstore owners Carol Besse and Michael Boggs. She is the primary manager for the new kid’s store located at 1313 Bardstown Road. They are open seven days a week.

A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Hello! My name is Jeremiah Butts and my intent is to use this blog to celebrate the people, businesses, events, and homes that live “inside the Watterson.” There is so much to celebrate in this little pocket of the world! I’m also a Realtor with Kentucky Select Properties happily helping buyers and sellers moving “inside the Watterson,” neighborhoods such as (but not limited to) the Highlands, Crescent Hill, St Matthews, Clifton, Germantown, Nulu, Downtown, Old Louisville, Indian Hills, Clifton Heights, Audubon Park, Rolling Fields, Mockingbird Valley, Seneca Gardens, and Cherokee Gardens.

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