Nightmare on Hillcrest Ave

Hillcrest Avenue is the street to live on if you’re the type that loves to decorate your home and/or yard for Halloween. On the other hand, you might avoid it if you’re averse to hordes of people passing by your front windows on foot or by car every October. Hillcrest has become a popular attraction for visitors to witness a neighborhood Halloween spectacle.

Expect the unexpected. Sure, there are still trees with hanging ghosts, steps with jack-o’-lanterns, and skeletons on porches… but there are also homes known for their specific direction of horror. You’ll know them when you see them: the Clown House, the Spider House, The Disco House, the House of Torture, the Alien House, the Derby House (you know you’re in Louisville when)… and on and on. Oh, and here’s a hint for you… beware of the occasional sidewalk SURPRISE.
Although the theme is morbid, the residents make an effort to keep things calm, collected, and family-oriented. There is still a tradition of trick-or-treating and neighbors chip-in to hire security for patrolling on Halloween night. Many residents also team up to collect canned goods for the United Crescent Hill Ministries by placing collection boxes near their displays.

A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Hello! My name is Jeremiah Butts and my intent is to use this blog to celebrate the people, businesses, events, and homes that live “inside the Watterson.” There is so much to celebrate in this little pocket of the world! I’m also a Realtor with Kentucky Select Properties happily helping buyers and sellers moving “inside the Watterson,” neighborhoods such as (but not limited to) the Highlands, Crescent Hill, St Matthews, Clifton, Germantown, Nulu, Downtown, Old Louisville, Indian Hills, Clifton Heights, Audubon Park, Rolling Fields, Mockingbird Valley, Seneca Gardens, and Cherokee Gardens.

Search HOMES FOR SALE and OPEN HOUSES inside the Watterson.


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